Horse Shows

Join us for our upcoming shows, to be held in our 85’ x 200’ indoor ring and featuring a large heated viewing room.

HBF Class List

Classes:  $25Medal Classes (unless otherwise noted):  $35

1A.       Open Equitation on the Flat, Age 18 & under New!

1.Open Equitation O/F, Fences 2’9”

2.MHJ Junior Medal

3.MHC Junior Medal

4.SEHA Junior Medal

5.MHC Junior Medal

6.THIS Children’s Medal

7.M & S Children’s Horse Medal  ($40)

8.NEHC Junior Medal

9.M & S Junior Medal


11.PESSOA/USEF Hunt Seat Medal ($40)

12.ASPCA Maclay ($40)

13.The Platinum Performance/USEF Talent Search ($40)

14.Open Equitation O/F, Fences 2’6”

15.MHJ Adult Medal

16.MHC Adult Medal

17.SEHA Adult Medal

18.MHC Adult Medal

19.NEHC Adult Medal

20.Ariat National Adult Medal ($40)

  1. 21.      M & S Farnum Medal ($40)

  2. 22.      NEHC Pleasure Class U/S

  3. 23.      MHJ Adult Mini-Medal

  4. 24.      SEHA Adult Mini-Medal

  5. 25.      M & S 2’6” Adult Equitation Medal -- New!

  6. 26.       Bit O’Straw Classic (2’6”) ($40)

  7. 27.       M & S 2’6” Children’s Medal (horses or ponies) New!

  8. 28.       MHJ Mini-Medal

28A.     WIHS Pony Equitation ($40) New!

  1. 29.       MHC Mini-Medal

30.SEHA Mini-Medal

31.MHC Mini-Medal

32.Opportunity Short Stirrup Equitation Flat

33.Opportunity Short Stirrup Equitation Fences

34.Opportunity Short Stirrup Equitation Fences

35.Walk Trot Equitation

36.Walk Trot Pleasure

37.Walk Trot Poles

Spring Show Date:

April 21, 2013

For this show, please mail entries to HBF, PO Box 472, Pembroke, MA 02358, or email to

Great News --  Cape Cod Hunter will be holding two of their shows, March 23 and March 30, at

Herring Brook Farm!